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Ekologiczne Gospodarstwo Rolne Damian Nowak

Ekologiczne Gospodarstwo Rolne Damian Nowak

ul. Parkowa 12, Zębowo


Rye bread has been traditionally baked by the Nowak family in the ecological farm in Zębowo for many generations. Rye bread from Wielkopolska is made exclusively of rye flour and sourdough according to a traditional recipe. The existing bread stove in which the bread is baked comes from before the 2nd World War. Rye bread from Wielkopolska was entered on the List of Traditional Products drawn up by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development in September 2006 and won the “Pearl 2008” in the contest “Our Culinary Heritage – Regional Flavours” for the best Polish regional food product. The farm also deals with baking spelt bread, pumpkin purée bread and rye brown bread.


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