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Ekologiczne Gospodarstwo Rolne „ekoKniaź”

Ekologiczne Gospodarstwo Rolne „ekoKniaź”


Grabowo 33


Eco-Farm "ekoKniaź" Sebastian is a family farm Kniażewicz with a total area of \u200b\u200b250 hectares, located in the town of Gabrovo, located in east-southern part of the West. Since the beginning of its activity is focused on crop production and dairy farming, based on their own feed. Since 2004 he has been certified organic farm given by the Agro Bio Test: PL-EKO-07-04625. The farm is constantly evolving. Gradually increased the cattle population and land area, and is extended machinery. Location on the picturesque forest area and pastures, with a relatively low degree of industrialization, as well as experience in the field of organic agricultural production of cow's milk can obtain high quality parameters. Having so valuable raw decided to expand the business of certified milk processing on its own. "Household dairy" combines modernity and tradition. Is an establishment that meets all the requirements of the EU and qualitative (HACCAP implemented quality system), and the traditional and eco-friendly manufacturing processes allow to obtain products with unique tasteand health. Our offer includes every customer will find something for everyone: from unique the taste of fresh cheese curd and butter through a fine and mild cream and yogurt, for distinct and unusual buttermilk kefirach ending.


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