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EKO-MEGA Sp. z o.o.

EKO-MEGA Sp. z o.o.

(+48) 25 642 47 27, (+48) 83 357 63 97

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EKO-MEGA Młyny Wodne Sp.z o.o. [EKO-MEGA Watermills Ltd.] is a company with over 100 years of milling tradition. In 2005 the company obtained a certificate confirming top ecological quality of all EKO-MEGA Młyny Wodne products such as flour, groats, bran, and home bread baking flour mixes. We mill our flour with the traditional water mill technology characteristic for the Bug river Valley of the Podlaskie Region. Traditional methods of production guarantee supreme quality of all our products. We have received a Perła [Pearl] 2006 Award during the Nasze Kulinarne Dziedzictwo [Our Culinary Heritage] contest.


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