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Ekerum Resort Öland

Ekerum Resort Öland

0485-800 44

Gärdesvägen 22


In beautiful Öland landscape with the sea's glittering shades as a backdrop, Ekerum Resort and Restaurang Öland are located. Restaurant Öland is one of the region's best restaurants with an unbeatable view of Kalmarsund. We know that the taste experience is an important ingredient in life. Therefore, we always strive for the highest class of raw materials, drinks, staff and service. Our food is colored by our seasons and the ingredients that are unique to them. We are happy to highlight our region and work closely with local producers. A restaurant - a bar - a meeting place Pizzeria Öland In the spring of 2014, we opened the doors to our own Pizzeria Öland, which has become a success both among the locals and our guests. Our pizzeria stands for a quality of its own. Here you can enjoy our fantastic pizzas of homemade dough and high-quality ingredients. We also have healthier pizzas that we call fitness pizzas. Ekerums Café Öland Only 100 meters from Kalmarsund's sparkling water and in the midst of green golf holes is Ekerum's Café Öland. A kiosk with everything from coffee and cake to biscuits and champagne. Welcome to us at Restaurang Öland!


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