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Dworek Galosa Sp. z o.o.

Dworek Galosa Sp. z o.o.
Lower Silesia


ul. Kościelna 8


Dworek Galosa (“The Galos Manor House”), like hundreds other companies, blossomed from a small family business after the political transformation in Poland. We started in 1997 as an agrotourism farm in one building with 5 rooms. Our first customers are still with us. Thanks to the unique atmosphere and very special marketing our customers can be now counted in thousands. We are continuously developing. It was particularly noticed in 2005, when we ran “The Pan Tadeusz Villa”. It was built for receptions like wedding, christening, proms and so on. For all these years we have been earning our brand and reputation. In 1999 we organized the first wedding reception and this kind of event was awarded in 2016 with the winner title in " The Wedding Of My Dreams" competition in the category: “The Best Place for Wedding”. The competition was organized by Gazeta Wrocławska (“The Newspaper of Wroclaw”). Our dishes based on traditional recipes and fresh local products, prepared just before consumption, are delicious and high quality. Our specialty - "The Boar- traditionally prepared - just on the wedding table to be served”, is very popular and appreciated by our guests. Today, our family business that is supported by a group of employees, is a place for living and working in a friendly and inimitable atmosphere. Like in a family: you need a needle or iron or just to sit down by the fireplace talking to the owners. Just like 19 years before…


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