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Duga AS

Duga AS


Bankveien 2, PB 89


Healthy and tasty Duga is a tasteful, Norwegian cultivated barley grains that can easily replace other less healthy ingredients in your family's diet. Our unique barley grain has a mild, smooth taste and a natural high content of dietary fibers beta glucan. Beta-glucan have documented health effects on cholesterol and blood sugar and keeps you feeling full longer. It is also rich in antioxidants, and contains beneficial fatty acids and valuable nutrients that are good for the body. About us Duga AS is an independent and market-oriented manufacturer and supplier of safe, healthful food products under the brand name Duga, based on processed, Norwegian cultivated naked barley having a high content of beta-glucan. Cultivation and processing is done locally in Oslo, in cooperation with selected manufacturers and partners. Priority sales channels are consumer, health food, catering, sport, tour and store, as well as industry. The market is currently Norway and Scandinavia. Our goal Our goal is better health to the Norwegian people through marketable products based on a separate, unique and Norwegian cultivated barley, specifically designed in terms of taste and nutrition for us humans - Duga barley. Facts Grain species barley is one of the oldest cultivated plants, and was our main food source until the mid-1800s. Barley is a rugged cereal and one of the healthiest cereals we have. Despite the fact that it is grown barley as much as 50% of the total grain area in Norway, it is only 1% of this used for food, the rest goes to animal feed. Barley is simply forgotten as a source of good and nutritious diet for humans. An increasing proportion of foodbarley in the Norwegian diet, will give many benefits for both the environment and self-sufficiency rate, and thereby improve public health. The causes of obesity and lifestyle diseases in the world has also been linked to a low intake of fiber. It is scientifically proven that increasing intake of fiber in the daily diet would reduce the risk of development of many lifestyle-related diseases. By cultivating custom barley varieties we can offer the consumer a grain with documented health effect on both cholesterol and blood sugar. The total proportion of the dietary fiber found in Duga, is almost double compared to other varieties, and can also provide other health benefits such as prevention of obesity, constipation, improving bowel function, and reduced risk of developing colorectal cancer. Barley is healthy for the whole family, and can help ensure that families can easily replace less healthy and / or imported foods such as rice and pasta with Duga barley. • Several facts • Unique health commodity • Alone on raw materials in the Nordic countries • Nutritionally superior • Well-documented health effect • EU-approved health claims • Tastes good • Versatile - many new applications • 3 grams of beta-glucan daily is enough • Good replacement for rice and pasta

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