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Dom w ogrodzie "Katarzynka"

Dom w ogrodzie "Katarzynka"
Lower Silesia


Boleścin 8


Guesthouse "Katarzynka" is situated in a former stable, built in the early years of the XX century. Its name is related to the surrounding fruit orchard. The business is operating since 2010. The object is distinguished by a beautiful stylish dining room and guest rooms each with its distinctive atmosphere, its own name, each with a kitchenette, equipped with WiFi internet connection so that our guests could feel at home. The leisure offer covers: mountain bikes, sauna, massage and physiotherapy. Guests, except they prefer to cook themselves, also have a possibility to order meals on the spot. Upon earlier reservation, our guesthouse kitchen serves our specialties at any time. At the moment our pension is not engaged in daily restaurant services. This solution provides that all the dishes are fresh and suited for an individual order. Restaurant “Katarzynka” has the largest selection of local beers, juices and wines in the area. We specialize in traditional regional cuisine. Guesthouse "Katarzynka" serves various meals and food products characterized with a regional bond: black pudding from Boleścin, Boleścińska sausage, Boleścinski pate, buckwheat dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms (made by the recipe provided by our local Village Housewives Club) and the Kłodzki trout. Many meat products are served fresh from our renowned butcher's shop in Boleścin which has two local products registered on the National List of Regional Products run by the Ministry of Agriculture. We also cooperate closely with the newly created Rural Regeneration Group. Together we are constantly introducing new products to the menu. Moreover, we produce many ingredients ourselves: pickles, pickled peppers, pickled tomatoes, beetroot pickled in brine. All products are purchased from local farmers. Not to mention using our own fruits from the surrounding orchards, grown without chemicals. These are mostly old Polish varieties of apples and nuts. In cooperation with the Lower Silesian Cluster for Renewable Energy, all the energy is drawn almost exclusively from renewable sources. We use land and air heat pumps for heating, photovoltaic cells for lighting and warm air recuperation systems. Moreover, the garden is equipped with heat exchangers, through which air is cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. The facility operates a household sewage treatment plant, and uses energy efficient LEDs as the source of light.


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