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Dary Natury - Paweł Mazur

Dary Natury - Paweł Mazur
Lower Silesia


ul. Wrocławska 15, Jaksonów


Juices and syrups from the “Flavours of Childhood” are prepared according to old and unchanged recipes, still used in the times of our grandmothers or mothers. Each syrup and juice is made by hand, from the gathering of flowers and fruits to the strict tightening of each cap. Flowers and fruits are collected from meadows and the very hearts of forests, away from car fumes, crop sprays or other chemicals that could be absorbed by the gifts of nature gathered by us. All fruits and flowers are picked and handled manually what requires a lot of time and patience. In order to produce the juices and syrups, apart from putting our hearts and souls as well as hard work into the process, the following ingredients are used: water, sugar or honey, and just lemon to increase the acidity. Fruit syrups are made mainly from fruits of the late summer or autumn, such as the fruits of elderberry, quince and chokeberry.


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