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Cornaro Hotel****

Cornaro Hotel****


Sinjska 6


RESTAURANTS & BARS RESTAURANTS NODILO Breakfast: from 06:30 to 10:30 A la carte: from 10:30 to 22:00 KRALJ TOMISLAV Breakfast: from 06:30 to 10:30 — BREAKFAST DIOCLETIAN'S BREAKFAST Cornaro Hotel provides You with exquisite tastes of Roman cuisine! Start Your day with Imperial breakfast, just like Diocletian did, and experience the atmosphere of an ancient culture! FLAVOURS OF DALMATIA Dalmatian cuisine owns its popularity to freshness and simplicity, gifts of virgin nature and locals who cherish tradition. Indulge Your gourmand aspirations with famous Dalmatian gastronomy at Cornaro Hotel! CORNARO HEALTHY CHOICE Inspired by quality ingredients and seasonal products, Cornaro Hotel brings You Healthy Choice breakfast with its unique combinations, exciting flavours and true freshness! INTERNATIONAL BREAKFAST Cornaro Hotel takes You on a gastronomic journey through a breakfast of global proportions! Experience pure culinary indulgence enriched with the flavours of the world! GLUTEN FREE CHOICES With Your safety as our priority, our staff is dedicated to making sure Your individual dietary needs are covered. Discover the remarkable flavours of our „gluten friendly“ menu! — A LA CARTE MENU With an emphasis on unique combinations, exquisite tastes and true freshness of local ingredients, our gastronomy provides the finest traditional meals enriched with innovative, modern touch. Private and formal events can be arranged in this venue. For reservations, additional information and payment methods, please contact us.


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