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Confiserie Michel & Fantasy-Pastry

Confiserie Michel & Fantasy-Pastry


Kellereistrasse 13


Founded by Peter Otto Michel (1981) and since 2005 owned and managed by Jochen Müller. As a Slow Food Manufactory we produce and sell seasonal and regional specialties in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse. Our trend-oriented confectionery specialties are today well known even outside the Pfalz region. Particularly our "Palatine sandstones" and our chestnuts pralines as well as our Pepperoncini olive oil chocolate. The present owner, pastry chef Jochen Müller, has gained a well known reputation in the chocolate arts and crafts area since 2008 through his participation in the arts and crafts price of HWK Palatinate in Kaiserslautern for high-profile properties in the chocolate segment. Jochen is also the initiator and founder of the Petit Salon du Chocolat. As an employer, we take pride in training confectioners and pastry sales personell and are delighted to confirm that our trainees have gathered considerable numbers of awards, both at national and international competitions, through the years. As one of our specialities, we offer "Bonbon Chocolat" chocolates in Grand Cru classifications. Further information at and


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