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Chleb gwdowski wyrób tradycyjny

Chleb gwdowski wyrób tradycyjny


Szczecinecka 6


Danuta and Lech Szlaz are known mainly from the bread "gwdowski". The tradition goes back to his batch of 1945. At that time, the village Żółtnica came from Ostrow Swietokrzyski family, in which women alone baked bread wheat-rye and rye. The custom of baking bread confirms one of the current residents Szczecinek, in a family where women bake bread according to the recipe from the time of the First World War. From 1954 bread "gwdowski" is baked by the inhabitants of Gwda Wielka. To obtain the final product - bread, you first need to take a few days to prepare the same ingredients to the baking. Back in the 60s of the twentieth century sourdough and dough kneaded were in a wooden basin or bowl, and the bread was baked in bread ovens built in the 30 years of the twentieth century. At the same baking bread housewives allocate almost one whole day. From baking bread "gwdowski" involves a lot of folk customs and habits, some of which have survived to this day. In 2012, the provincial - the twelfth edition of "Our Culinary Heritage - Tastes of the Regions", this product won the first prize in the subcategory - Cereal products. In addition to the bread gwdowskiego. The company is also baked wholemeal bread, pumpkin bread, dough and other delicacies.


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