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Browarnia Sobótka Górka Bartłomiej Bogdański

Browarnia Sobótka Górka Bartłomiej Bogdański
Lower Silesia


ul. Osiedle Browarniane 34


It all started with a passion for beer. At the beginning it was just coming down to drinking one of the most popular beverages in the world, which is probably true for anyone visiting this website. And after that there came curiosity, wanting to play alchemist and creating something that could be bought in a shop. That's where it got interesting. It turned out that what you can get in a shop is either not beer or it leaves a lot to be desired. Advertising campaigns and the ubiquitous pursuit of money have turned a country once famous for its quality beer into a producer that is churning out a corporate drink with a beer flavour. We had a growing feeling of defiance and a desire to come back to the golden beverage that would be rich in flavour. We wanted every sip to be like a palate's symphony, starting with the sweetness at the tip of the tongue and harmonizing with bitter overtones. The taste of nature matured in the sun and enclosed inside a bottle. Barley, worked traditionally on the threshing floor and turned into MALT, HOPS from the last Polish fields, SPRING WATER from Mt. Ślęża area. All this is subjected to a traditional decoction method of brewing and time. That is all that is needed to produce real BEER. Accomplishing this took us 36 years, of which 6 were dedicated to our research and learning how to brew: studying the art from various books, travelling to Belgium and Czech Republic, where brewing has remained traditional. We have also made use of the 30 years of experience of Ms. Zuzanna Wierzbicka, brewmaster in Sobótka Górka Brewery, who had shared with us her experience and expertise and who keeps giving us hints and tips when we brew new casks – thank you, Ma'am! And somewhere there during that time we started the project which resulted in our beer – Piwo Sobótka Górka. Our desire was to re-create a beer that is made entirely from natural ingredients and where even the bubbles are the product of a natural process. The kind of beer that was once made in the brewery that was closed down a long time ago. Our mission is to return to forgotten flavours and to create a beverage in which the extract content matters more than that of alcohol. We don’t want to leave you wondering what stuff was added there. We want to give you organic beer that evokes only pleasant sensations, and we want this beer to be a highlight of a long day or a perfect accompaniment to a meal. We hope you'll enjoy it.


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