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ul. Wrzesińska 21


The brewery in Miłosław was built in 1889, it was continuation of many centuries of the region’s brewing traditions. Beers from Fortuna brewery enjoy great popularity among consumers looking for something different to mass-produced products, beers which are brewed more traditionally and which offer a much wider range of flavours than the ever-so popular lagers. We continue great regional tradition of brewing specialty beers in Wielkopolska. Our beers are real craftsmanship. Our beers ferment at low temperatures in traditional, open vats and mature for a long time. This traditional fermentation is very distinctive now days. Only few breweries in Poland and in Europe use this traditional open vats. This process gives our beers real taste and aroma. Fortuna Brewery is the only one brewery in Poland, that roast the malt in the brewery. This self-prepared smoked malt gives our dark beers unique taste and distinguish them form other beers on the market. We brew our beers using only finest natural ingredients. Our fruit and honey beers like Fortuna are brewed with natural juices or linden honey. When creating Komes beers we use also craft and time consuming method of second fermentation in the bottle, that kind of beer will mature in the bottle over time. For those, who appreciate the most traditional beer styles, which offers full, rich aroma and flavour we brew Miłosław beer range. Miłosław is the homage to native city of Fortuna Brewery, to brewing heritage, tradition and the art of making beer. We brew our beers with care, passion and without rush, so you can experience real craftsmanship in the bottle.


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