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Brezelbäckerei Berzel

Brezelbäckerei Berzel


Lauergasse 6


No one can imagine a shopping spree through Speyer without biting into the original Berzel pretzel. Speyer and the pretzel - that simply belongs together! To continue the family business in the third generation, which my grandfather built in 1964, is a matter of honor for me. Not at least for these reasons, my decision fell quickly. Of course, times were different then. Today you will find half-baked, frozen dough pieces almost in every supermarket, which are pre-produced for pennies anywhere in the world and are only baked in the oven for a short time. I have been offered to have the pretzel semi-produced somewhere abroad, with the same taste as the original, but at much cheaper costs. But I ask you: would that still be our real Speyer Pretzel? Not for me! The original Berzel pretzel must come from Speyer! It is clearly superior in taste and quality to mass-produced goods from supermarkets or self-service bakeries. Because the pretzel bakery Berzel bakes each pretzel for hand, for the love of tradition with a lot of manual work and above all, fresh and without preservatives - every day! What would Speyer be without the real Speyer pretzel? Support the last remaining Speyer pretzel bakery and help us to keep alive the pretzel tradition of Speyer. Your new real Speyerer pretzel boy Patrick Blau


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