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Brennerei Hubach

Brennerei Hubach


Kaiserslauterer Str. 48


At the age of 16, I had the idea that not only can eat Mother Nature's gifts raw, but that you could also enjoy them in the distilled form. After getting educated as a gardener and master in landscaping, I decided to deepen my knowledge of flora and fauna and to apply that in fruit growing. From then on I cultivated in my orchards numerous old and international fruit and wild trees. That is the foundation for ideal fruit as the base for distilling. I consistently follow the objective of uniting the fruits and aromas provided by our nature in the distillate. For me, sustainable production and handwork are no marketing tags, but instead the foundation in my work to obtain products of absolute top quality. Numerous awards at national and international tastings confirm these efforts. 1996 I received a distillery license and created my own distillery in the heart of the Palatinate, in Bad Durkheim. This is where small exclusive batches of brandies are being made. How about a short visit... Welcome, Axel Hubach


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