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Bioland Imker Axel Heinz

Bioland Imker Axel Heinz


Dr. Sartorius Str. 53


Beekeeper Axel Heinz - The beekeeper from the Palatinate My beekeeping is in Neustadt an der Weinstraße on the edge of the Palatinate Forest. I have been certified according to the Bioland standard since 2016. My bees collect the honey on the edge or directly in the Palatinate Forest. In addition, I hike with my bees in the Palatinate to be able to harvest various high-quality, regional honeys. There is chestnut honey, forest honey, acacia honey, rapeseed honey and blossom honey. I am looking for the locations of my bee colonies for a rich and varied range of nectar and pollen from wild plants or, if possible, organic cultures. The intensive wine and vegetable cultivation around Neustadt is certainly a challenge here. Therefore, my locations and hiking areas are within a radius of approx. 50 km around Neustadt. Two of my bee colonies are in Johanniskreuz right next to the House of Sustainability. Here, visitors can watch the bees at work protected by a glass pane. You can taste and buy the honey at my home (please call beforehand). I have a sales booth at various local farmers markets, you can buy my honey in selected stores and also in my online shop.


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