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Kujawe i Pomorze


Szumiąca 7


The "Ewa" bar was founded in June 1991, so it is a place with over 25 years of tradition. At the beginning it was only a roadside grill led by Mrs. Ewa, which in time was expanded to the current size of the building with a usable area of approx. 200m2. The bar has a large car park with an area of about 2200m2. Apart from the inhabitants of the Tuchola district, Baru customers are mainly people traveling on the Kołobrzeg- Łódź route. In 2012 Ewa was awarded in the Agro-Wczasy competition in the culinary category. In 2013, she won an honorable mention in the Culinary Competition of the 3rd Geese Day in Krajno. Running the second gastronomic facility in 2006- 2017 belonged to the Gęsinowy Culinary Route. In addition to providing restaurant services, the company offers catering services, organization of special events as well as training.


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