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Anna Florkiewicz

Anna Florkiewicz
Kujawe i Pomorze


Brzozie 88


Baking cakes and cookies has been a tradition and passion developed since childhood for Ms Anna Florkiewicz. The history of the royal cookies made by Anna Florkiewicz dates back to nearly one hundred years and belongs to the history of her family. The royal cookies are delicious and made of very good quality ingredients, which makes them so exceptional. To prepare the speciality, one only needs butter, eggs, water, wheat flour and powdered sugar for sprinkling as well as time and dough making skills. There is a recipe for similar cookies in the cookbook entitled “Compendium Ferculorum – Kuchnia Stanisława Czernieckiego” published in 1682. The royal cookies from Sośno Królewskie are another products from the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Province that have been entered in the List of Traditional Products kept by the Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development.


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