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Alkoholfrei Geniessen - Bähr Pfalztraube GmbH

Alkoholfrei Geniessen - Bähr Pfalztraube GmbH


An der Eselshaut 33


Rediscover alcohol-free wine enjoyment Welcome to BÄHR - ENJOY ALCOHOL-FREE. We think wine differently, we think wine anew. With us there is 100 percent enjoyment - alcohol-free, DLG award-winning, without added flavors and sugar, from Palatine grapes. There are days, there are phases, there are moments in life, there is no alcoholic drink. For various reasons. So what do you do as a connoisseur, as a wine lover? Do without good taste and resort to water and juice spritzers? Now no longer necessary - because we have more than one alternative for non-alcoholic enjoyment in the program. As career changers, we tackle things without blinkers. With our non-alcoholic wine- and seccospecialities for the highest standards, we interpret our family wine tradition, dating back to the 18th century, innovative and modern. Our goal is to bring nonalcoholic in the wine sector to a higher level of pleasure and thus to offer more than just a pleasure alternative to demanding wine drinkers and non-alcoholic drinkers. But make yourself a picture. Get to know us, taste our alcohol-free seccos and wines. Discover EGON - our non-alcoholic wine spritzer and our grape juice specialties. And above all: Let yourself be inspired! You will be surprised - sometimes less can do more. Regional table grapes We started in 2012, as the first specialized fruit grower on the wine route, with the cultivation of table grapes. At the beginning there was the question: Why are hardly any sweet grapes produced in Germany, but instead about 360,000 tons of grapes are imported each year to Germany? Today there are more than 40 different varieties in our cultivation on 4.5 hectares. We select the most delicious and best grape varieties for you, our customers. Through our special cultivation technique, an integrated and protected approach, we can reduce the use of pesticides to a minimum. We also completely dispense with the use of herbicides. With the successful participation in the quality audit QS-GAP for food production and the associated review of social standards, we document our high standards of sustainable food production. Through a short transport route of our grapes to our customers, you experience freshness that you can hardly get!


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