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Agrotourist Farm

Agrotourist Farm


Nowe Koprzywno


The farm Casimire Sphere with New Koprzywna in the municipality of Staining is famous for its baked wholemeal bread koprzywieńskiego, product UNESCO traditional products on 1 July 2008. The tradition of baking wholemeal bread koprzywieńskiego derives from the post-war period. On the grounds Koprzywna been settled family from the eastern Polish territories. Housekeepers exchange of experiences learned from family homes and jointly tackle the baking of bread, which was a staple food for many families. Because there were favorable conditions (possession farms bread ovens and the necessary equipment) and women's skills acquired from grandmothers and I have this bread baked on the needs of residents Koprzywna and the surrounding countryside. For over 50 years the bread is baked on the basis of the same recipe, the bread ovens in the years 1909-1926 with a bowl and Kolibki inherited from the parents. Today, women of Koprzywna by baking bread, still try to follow the principles instilled to them by mothers and grandmothers. They use raw materials from domestic farms. Sun bread ovens use wood mixed coniferous and deciduous. To obtain a clear flavor make apple or cherry wood, and beech twigs allow you to get the right color baking. The exceptional importance of respect and wholemeal bread koprzywieńskiego may indicate the fact that this bread for years greeted especially important guests, handed it to young couples, governors and guests during the harvest festival. The unique qualities of the bread make it still enjoys a reputation in both the local population and tourists visiting the hospitable land koprzywieńską and Barwick. In addition to bread koprzywieńskiego on the farm you can taste your Kula Barwicki bread, bread baked on the leaves of horseradish, ham grandmother Mani or fine rural melted lard traditional method, with the addition of various spices and herbs.


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