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Wytwórnia Musztardy Kcyńskiej

Wytwórnia Musztardy Kcyńskiej
Kujawe i Pomorze


ul. Wyrzyska 30


The history of the mustard of Kcynia dates back to the 50s of the 20th century, when it was one of the most valued and wanted mustards in Poland. In 2011 Grewling company resumed production of the most renowned product from Kcynia. The excellent taste and flavour of the mustard is obtained owing to a traditional recipe. The mustard production does not use any preservatives, dyes or antioxidants. The highest quality of the mustard is obtained owing to use of white and black mustard grains only, fresh milled spices and long production process. The company uses raw materials for preparation of the mustard obtained from its own farm. It offers the Indian, spicy, sweet and wholegrain mustard of Kcynia.


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