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Widegrens gård

Widegrens gård


Atlingbo Lilla Björke 703


On Gotland the land is very suitable for carrot cultivation. Carrots grown on Gotland becomes particularly tasty. Tastiest are the carrots cultivated with skill and attention to every detail. Just like family Widegren's carrots. Every year we use about ten different carrot varieties depending on type of soil, season of harvest, storage etc. We are also running tests to find varieties that are well adapted to our conditions. Some examples of properties we think are important: taste, shape, color and storability. -This Year's locally produced product in 2009- We are still proud of the award we received for our tasty carrot jam at the fair "Locally produced" on ELMIA. The motivation: "A traditional Swedish raw product in an innovative way combined with chili and ginger .The product has a fine balance of acidity and sweetness along with attractive color and texture makes the carrot jam something extra" Carrot jam is now widespread in many stores here on Gotland; Atterdag, Ica Maxi, Margus Crafts, Wisby Cheese, Högby Hall Hemsedal, Laban's store and others and others. It is also available on the mainland, mainly in the Stockholm area at Coop Extra Medborgarplatsen, COOP Forum Bromma, Ica Maxi Haninge, Sabi Fältöversten, and others.


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