Ulica Križnog puta 17, 21264 DONJI PROLOŽAC


In the area of Imotski vineyards, where vine has been cultivated since ancient times, the experience in the production of grapes and wine in the family Grabovac as been passed for 200 years. Evidence of this is the recognition from 1812 that the Grabovac family has received for their wines from the French (Napoleon’s) authorities. Grabovac Family Winery offers five different wine varieties: red wine varieties Blue Lake Barrique and Blue Lake, white wine varieties Pinot Noir and Kujundzusa wine as well as rosé wine Red Lake. Besides these wines Grabovac family produces the first Dalmatian champagne named “Grabovac” Grabovac Family also offers two kinds of brandy: Loza and Travarica. Grabovac family vineyards are located in the northwestern part of Imotski fields in Proložac, on some of the best positions in Imotski vine growing region. Moving towards a market economy, in 1992 the family begins to engage in professional winemaking and viticulture. The result of this were 6 acres of new vineyards planted in the early 90-ties as well as construction of a new and modern cellar. The winery is located in the northwestern part of the Imotski field, in Proložac. Distance from Split is 80 kilometers from Makarska and Medjugorje 60 km, making it the ideal opportunity for day trips and tastings. Winery Grabovac is one of the must-see stop on the Vine ways Biokovo which connects all the wineries in the continental part of Central Dalmatia. Wines family Grabovac produced in accordance with the environmental criteria of growing grapes is reduced yield per vine.