Tomatoes in every color and delicious food between the hills of Glumslöv and the valley of Vallåkra Newly harvested tomatoes, ripened in the sun, crispy cucumbers, chilies for every taste, fresh spices, bell peppers in different colors and forms – all straight from the greenhouses, grown with care and passion. Newly baked bread from our own bakery and tasty marmalades and pickled goodies from the kitchen are sold in our shop. For those interested in farming of their own we offer a large assortment of strong, fine plants of tomato, chili and bell pepper. Don’t miss out on a visit to our café and restaurant where you can enjoy a delicious dinner in the wonderful, old garden or a cup of coffee with a home-baked treat in the cozy greenhouse. And if you want to take a look at how the mouthwatering tomatoes are grown, you are always welcome inside the greenhouses where they thrive.