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Svaneke Ismejeri

Svaneke Ismejeri


Svaneke Torv 3


At Svaneke Is, we believe in the good Danish ice-tradition, where the natural ingredients from the Nordic nature that creates the greatest flavors. Not artificial additives, coloring or preservatives. We believe in the pure ice cream flavor from creamy jersey-cream, sweet local honey and specially selected fruits, berries and herbs, which together receive our ice cream to taste as well. It is the love of the good quality and the desire to interpret superb, classic ice cream flavors that operates Svaneke Is Svaneke Ice is always innovative, natural and with an eye for the pure Nordic ice tradition. On our ice-cafes in Svaneke and Tivoli can be served fresh sorbet and rich Sherbeth packed with sun-ripened fruits and berries and a variety of other delicious ice desserts directly from our micro ice-dairies.

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