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“Spiżarnia” – traditional Polish delicacies Spiżarnia brand offers a wide range of original Polish delicacies like mouth-watering extra jams, fruit syrups & juices, honey with nuts, pickles, traditional condiments and more … Original recipes combined with top-quality manufacturing processes have created products that bring back the taste of food stored in a pantry of Polish noblemen’s manors. Our products have been created in response to a growing consumer interest in tasteful, healthy food, prepared according to traditional recipes. This inspired us to create a premium food brand called „Spiżarnia” - meaning “pantry”, offering yummy and healthy, traditional Polish products. Unique hand-made packaging underlines the exclusivity of the products and makes them impactful on the shelf. Our products are distributed to the best delicatessen outlets and specialized shops. Spiżarnia products are also on offer in duty-free shops at Polish airports as well as in some Polish deli shops in the EU and Australia.


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