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Rzeźnictwo-Wędliniarstwo Stefan Słociński

Rzeźnictwo-Wędliniarstwo Stefan Słociński


, ul. Kościelna 37


The meat processing plant is a family business producing traditional and regional foodstuffs in accordance with old, well-tried recipes handed down from generation to generation. Products used in the meat processing come from our own farm, where pigs of native breeds are fed with livestock feed and slaughtered in the nearby slaughterhouses. The products are of the highest quality, which allows for the production of tasty meats that are characteristic of the area of west Wielkopolska. Smoking takes place in a traditional alder and beech smoking chamber. We do not use any phosphates or soya or any other functional additives. Our specialty is roasted leg, Nowy Tomyśl-style ripening sausage, ribs and smoked Wielkopolska leberka, which all have been entered to the List of Traditional Products of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.


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