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Restaurant "Sluch"

Restaurant "Sluch"


vul. Andriivska, 36


The restaurant "Sluch" of Berezne Association of Public Catering is a real pride and beautification of a Polissia town called Berezne. It attracts public even from afar, and if one goes inside s/he feels appetite not only from fragrant, delicious smells of diverse cuisine of the restaurant but also because of beautiful combination of colours, harmony and design of this building. After visiting this place at least once, even just for a cup of coffee, you will remember this quiet atmosphere, charming music, a sincere smile of the waiter and, of course, a good price for a long time. Welcome to visit the fairytale of the culinary magic presented by the restaurant "Sluch". Traditional firm dishes for the old recipe from the restaurant "Sluch":Pickled vegetables:
Tomatoes with garlic,
Cucumbers with honey,
Cabbage with horseradish;
Baked duck with apples and cranberries;
Home-made baked ham;
Pork roll with garlic;
Lard cooked in rural way;
Crucians fried in nuts;
Carp baked with sour cream;
Kulish (a sort of soup with millet) cooked in Polissia way;
Ukrainian borsch with pampushky (a sort of fritters made of buckwheat flour with garlic sauce);
Hot pork sausages;
Sausages cooked in Berezne way;
Roast in hunters’ way;
Stewed cock with home-made noodles;
Stewed beans with cepe (a sort of mushrooms);
Stewed cabbage with ribs and cranberries;
Baked pork in honey and cowberry sauce;
Ribs stuffed with pancakes and prunes;
Pumpkin babka (a sweet yeast cake) with honey;
Varenyky (a kind of stuffed dumpling) with buckwheat and meat;
Pancakes with poppy seeds and honey;
Pancakes "Enjoying Polissia" (with blackberries).

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