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Restauracja "Stara Karczma"

Restauracja "Stara Karczma"
Warmia Mazury Powisle


ul. Traugutta 48


Place where we chose to revive the wonderful regional cuisines, has written in his history nearly 200 years. Hence the idea of the Restaurant Old Inn, where housed the old, water-powered mill stream nearby river Kumiela. We kept the atmosphere of the place, also fostering of our Polish Cuisine, brilliant Regional Cuisine, which has evolved over the centuries, when the mingled influences and separate increasingly sophisticated regional cuisine, based on local products. In terms of this, nothing has changed. We focus on fresh and high quality products from our local producers. We prepare dishes using only natural spices and herbs. From the very beginning, we avoid any ready mixes, spices and improvers. We put the vastness of love in that passion - food, so we give from the heart - lots and tasty, like in the true Polish Regional Cuisine, with a delicate, modern variety.


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