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Restauracja "Opałkowa Chata"

Restauracja "Opałkowa Chata"
Lower Silesia


Cieszkowskiego 17


Restaurant “Opałkowa Chata” in Boleslawiec was founded in 2003. The owners are descendants of Polish repatriates, who settled here in 1945. From the beginning, they set the goal to create an original, friendly place with a homely atmosphere, serving fresh food prepared according to old recipes. The restaurant is built with wooden logs and covered with thatch. It has an open fireplace, large terrace, a garden playground and monitored parking. In the summer the venue provides over 100 seats for guests. "Opałkowa Chata" takes an active part in supporting local arts co-organizing the "Gliniada Festival” now famous in Poland and worldwide. We also host concerts and meetings with travelers. From 2012 “Opałkowa Chata” amends its April event calendar with a big trade fair to promote local producers of goods and crafts manufactured the traditional way.


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