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Pasieka Kazimierz Skoczeń

Pasieka Kazimierz Skoczeń

(+48) 728 193 109

ul. I AWP 17


The apiarian tradition in Kurpie Białe and Kurpie Zielone date back to the beginning of the 15th century.. Thanks to rich apiarian traditions in the Kurpie region as well as the renown of the Kurpie honey, beekeeping has created and promoted the image of the region until present. Kurpiowsko-Mazowiecki Związek Pszczelarzy (Kurpie and Mazovia Beekeepers’ Association) in Ostrołęka associates people with passion who have been cultivating apiarian traditions in the Kurpie region for the very long time. At present, the Association has 200 member beekeepers.


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