Pasieka - Rancho w Kaczej Dolinie

Pasieka - Rancho w Kaczej Dolinie
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Nowa Wieś Reszelska 10


Our apiary is located in Warmia, in a region free of pollution, smoking chimneys and busy roads. Beekeeping is our passion and a way of life. We are not a factory, but a family run farm specializing in the production apiary. Doing what we love, we put all our hearts, to prepare the highest quality products, for our customers. The culmination of our efforts was in 2016, by winning the 1st prize and Cup Marshal of for our „Flower honey” in the regional competition. Except honey, we also acquire pollen, bee bread and propolis and in the nearest future, we are going to add royal jelly and a traditionaly prepared products, based on our products, to our offer. Our bee products can be bought directly from the farm, through the Internet, and on many regional events. We invite everyone to join the ranks of our satisfied customers.