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PPHU "HALMAK"sp.j. Kazimierz Halota, Małgorzata Halota

PPHU "HALMAK"sp.j. Kazimierz Halota, Małgorzata Halota


Prudnicka 3


We operate on the bakery market as PPHiU "Halmak" Sp.J. Bakery "House of Bread" since 1990. Our company deals with the production of bread, mainly wholemeal rye and rye bread.We also produce mixed bread, wheat flour and half-confectionary bread. Production is based on old recipes using only natural, high-quality materials and strict technological processes. We use 5 phases of natural souring of dough in our bread production such as: sour soup, pre-acid, half-acid, acid, the dough without yeast. The production cycle lasts for 24-hour. This time consuming production gives a special kind of bread with good taste and flavor, unique crumb and long period of freshness.


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