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Masarnia Bronisław Urbanowski

Masarnia Bronisław Urbanowski
Lower Silesia


Zawidowice 40b


Meats traditional Urbanowski company is unique in taste and quality products. They arise from the highest quality Polish meat and carefully selected natural spices. No preservatives or artificial additives. Raw meat comes from farms located near the plant (from the farmers from nearby villages). Self slaughterhouse allows you to obtain meat from the region where the facility is located, and it adds to the regional nature of production while ensuring access to fresh meat. Other materials, such as garlic and garden herbs (marjoram) where available come from a farm garden, located in the district nica. Traditional products are manufactured at the plant has been 21 years in the same form, in a small quantity. The company has six own stores, one in Bierutów, four in Oleśnica and one in Wroclaw.


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