Młyn Usługowy Zenon Feszczuk

Młyn Usługowy Zenon Feszczuk
Lower Silesia


ul. Wrocławska 18


Millers from Lviv grind flour on the former German machinery and bake bread from it. The exact commissioning date of the mill in Jordanów Śląski is not exactly known. The beginning of its operations date back to the 1920s’-1930s’. Originally the mill was powered by the technologically advanced coke oven gas engine, now replaced by an electric drive. In 1962, working as the mill manager was Wilhelm Feszczuk. In 1992 the mill became his property, currently passing it to his son Zenon. He forms the fourth generation in a family of millers. The plant currently employs 6 people and the nature of work has changed from typical service to retail and manufacturing. Range of products includes all species of wheat and rye flour as well as bran. The mill’s flagship product is the mill rye bread with sourdough baked on-site, winning multiple awards, including The pearl of 2011 for the best Polish regional product during the International Food Fair “Polagra” in Poznań. Bread and flour can be purchased at many retail shops in Wrocław, Sobótka and directly in the mill in Jordanów Śląski.