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Karczma „Skansen”

Karczma „Skansen”
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Leśna 23


‘Skansen’ tavern, due to its location, promotes Polish cuisine and regional specialties, so in the menu mainly you can find Polish dishes such as: broth with duck, tripe soup, knuckle in cabbage, pork chop with bone, smoked ribs on cabbage, duck with apples, confit of goose, wild boar stew with ceps. Trout, zander and perch are regional fishes which are promoted in the tavern. All dishes are made in tavern’s kitchen: we bake potato cake, fry potato pancakes or stick dumplings, so they are always fresh and taste good. Seasonal dishes are served, which are made from our garden’s gifts. Moreover, tavern offers homemade baked bread and cakes, as well as preserves made of vegetables and fruit, which grow in the garden. The main purpose of the tavern is introduction of regional flavours and dishes for arriving tourists.


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