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Hejde Knäcke

Hejde Knäcke


Hejde Forse 650


Hejde Knäcke makes a thin tasteful Knäckebröd. The bread is handmade and made on organic flour from Labans Kvarn in Roma. The Knäckebröd is sold packed in nice bags (approx.100 gr) The bread is available in 13 different flavours: - Sunflower/Carawayseeds - Sunflower/Flaxseeds - Krusmynta (carawayseeds, fennel and corianderseeds) - Sesame - Oats - Rye - Poppyseeds - Pumpkinseeds - Gutekorn ( 5 different products baked on culture cereals from Gotland) Hejde Knäcke is available at selected retailers, at the bakery and through our website Photo: Filip Lendahl


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