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With beautiful surroundings situated on an island in Lake Häckeberga 30 km East of Malmö you will find Häckeberga Castle. Gastronomic meals, relaxing overnight stays and efficient meetings are probably the best way to describe a visit with us. Our chefs are constantly trying to combine new trends with tradition. We try to use as many locally grown products as possible and are, of course, following the seasons when creating our menus. Our Restaurant manager with staff is constantly updating our wine list. One nice thing with traveling in Sweden is that you find wines from all around the world to choose from – we are no exception. If preferred, we always have a recommended wine menu by glass that goes well with the dish served. Small scale beer brewing has become increasingly popular in Sweden recent years. Ask you waiter what we have to offer the day for your visit. Those who must drive or do not want to drink alcohol, we offer non-alcoholic alternatives of course. White Guide - we are very proud to be one of their recommended restaurants. The best way to visit us is to book one of our special offers including dinner, accommodation and breakfast. This regardless of whether you visit for corporate or private purposes. Welcome to Häckeberga Castle!


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