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Gospodarstwo Rybackie „Mikołajki” sp. z o.o

Gospodarstwo Rybackie „Mikołajki” sp. z o.o
Warmia Mazury Powisle


ul. Mrągowska 14


Our fish farm is a producer of fish which come from the lakes we lease. We smoke the fish in special smoke-boxes using glossy buckthorn wood. The following fish prevail in our offer: eel, vendace, common whitefish, catfish, lake trout, silver carp, carp bream. They are famous for their golden colour, intensive aroma and phenomenal taste of freshly smoked fish not only in our region. We operate a small catering facility – a fish bistro where we serve freshly caught fish. We serve only the fish of our own netting. Our fish is the most fresh because they land on the pan right after their catching by our fishermen – it is not stored nor transported. Our experienced cooks prepare the fish of always the same delicious taste which you may consume together with cold beer in the shade of a traditional cane roof of our bistro. We also make a fish soup of an unforgettable flavour and aroma using multi-species mix of fish and vegetables. We are owners of a fish processing plant and a smokehouse.


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