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Gospodarstwo Rolne Malinowy Ogród

Gospodarstwo Rolne Malinowy Ogród


Lekowo, 22


Gospodarstwo Rolne "Raspberry Garden" is located in the small village of Sołecka Leków, in the commune of Świdwin. The farm was founded in 2010. The owners of the farm specialize in growing autumn raspberry - on a 27 hectare plantation. "Raspberry Garden" is a special place where homemade preserves are made on the basis of family recipes, based on natural ingredients and based on traditional production methods. The flagship products produced on the farm are various processed raspberries, such as: syrups, jams without sugar, plum butter and tinctures. In order to meet the needs of customers, the offer of "Raspberry Garden" has been enriched with herbal teas. Herbal teas are made of natural ingredients collected by hand, in places free from industry. Carefully selected herbs of linden, nettle, acacia or elderberry, are dried in a natural way, without sunlight, so that they retain valuable health-promoting properties. The farm has a safety and quality certificate in the field of arable crops, sub-range of fruits and vegetables, which proves the highest quality of manufactured products.


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