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Gospodarstwo Pasieczne „Zabawa”

Gospodarstwo Pasieczne „Zabawa”


Skroniów 46a


Our organic farm became a family business in 2001. Until then it was just a small farm inherited from our parents, managed traditionally . The bees kept on the farm were than more of our ancestors’ hobby rather than a source of income. In 2003 we decided to make the apiary our main activity, thus expanding it to 160 beehives. In order to obtain the best quality honey from all over the region, it was turned into a mobile apiary. We take great care to keep the best of the great work of the bees. We therefore use special means of transport and modern acid proof steel equipment , which meet the highest sanitary and veterinary standards. The whole area of the farming land is now used to grow the autumn raspberries in the system of organic farming. The raspberries are sold fresh, but we are planning to launch a processing line for making fruit preserves, like juices or jams. Our staple product is honey obtained from various plants including linden, acacia, rape, buckwheat or heather. There’s also the multi-floral or honeydew honey.


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