Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Zyta Górna

Gospodarstwo Agroturystyczne Zyta Górna

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Lecha Wałęsy 2


The farm is located in the small town of Zgorzałe, by the picturesque Lake Raduńskie Górne. Forest surroundings, a fish lake, as well as beautiful landscapes are the natural richness of this area. We offer Guests 3 rooms with a bathroom and kitchen on the ground floor of a detached house. There is a volleyball court on the premises, and on the lake a private jetty with the beach and the possibility of using a boat. On request, the hosts organize horse rides in a saddle or a horse-drawn carriage. The farm is a laureate of numerous prizes in culinary competitions, including the nationwide Perła 2018 prize for kashubian strawberries' juice and the Tastes of Regions Fair Medal 2016 for Kashubian strawberries' jams.