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Mediteranskih igara9/1


Gastro ribarnice Brač are the retail department of our company.e own seven fish markets in the region in which we offer a wide variety of fresh fish on a daily basic and selection of frozen,dried,smoked,salted and marinated fishery products ,including many delicacies. Our offer has been expanded to the "Gastro" preparation of ready meals where we accentuate the quality of ingredients. The meals are prepared according to daily catch in an interesting and innovative way.Salted,marinated,smoked fishery products are placed on the market through its own brand"Gastro ribarnica Brač" which became a synonym for quality.The offer of wine ,delicacies,fresh fruit, and vegetables is based on cooperation with top farm producers in our region .In this way we support small producers to affirm on the market through their way own quality while we ensure that our customers get the best quality products available on the market. Centaurus is a company specialized for distribution and retail of fresh and frozen fish. Over the years we became the largest distributor of fresh and frozen maritime products to HoReCa segment in Split city area. Our speciality is supplying casual and fine dining restaurants but our special attention has been paid to the supply of tourist ships and yachts. Centaurus today has more than 60 full time employees ,who give their best to provide excellent service to all our customers in the region as well as in the neighbouring countries like Slovenia,Austria,Italy and Montenegro. We have been constantly growing and working on improving the quality of the distribution and retail,as well as making our brand stronger,carefully taking care of the quality of products and distributions. Our success has been a result of a careful listening to t he needs of our HoReCa partners on this demanding but our common market.


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