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Fundacja Domy Wspólnoty Chleb Życia

Fundacja Domy Wspólnoty Chleb Życia


Jankowice 38


The manufacture of Foundation " Domy Wspólnoty Chleb Życia" was established in the year 2005 on the building tailored to the needs of the production. All processes related to cooking, simmering and pasteurization of fruit and vegetables takes place on a specially designed wood-fuelled cooker. During the production process no artificial chemical additives are applied. The acidification of the products is reached through adding vinegar or lemon juice. Recipes for the products were taken from old cookbooks or were collected from reports of elderly inhabitants of the region. Most of the raw materials are sourced from theFondation's own farm or from local organic farms. By using highest quality ingredients, traditional recipes and special production processes, the manufacture achieves the ezcellent products, such as ser jabłeczny or rowan and honey preserve, registered on the List of Traditional Products.


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