Firma „Mark”

Firma „Mark”
Warmia Mazury Powisle


Słowiańska 32A


The "MARK" company is confectionery producer. We specialise sweets of hard caramel, such as: multi-fruits caramel, aniseed caramels, caramel “mines”, nuts in caramel, sesame bars and peanut drops-iced peanuts. The company has founded in 1983 as Mazurian Confectionery Factory "ANNA". The current owner, who took over the company in 2009, continues the traditional production of Masurian sweets. Our products distinctive by the unique form, taste of fruit. One of ingredient are dried fruits. In November 2016, our company has got ecologic certificate and thus expanded its activities to produce organic caramel nutmeg. Thanks to passion and passion for cheeses, "MARK" company also produces short and long cheeses from February 2017. Milk for production is provided by regional hosts who care for quality, what brings a great taste of cheese. Our offer is addressed to people who value original products, based on traditional craftsmanship methods and traditional old recipes.