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Dom Restauracyjny „U Wokulskiego”

Dom Restauracyjny „U Wokulskiego”
Warmia Mazury Powisle


+48 89 646 76 11

ul. Prusa 2 14-100 Ostróda


‘U Wokulskiego’ Restaurant invites you to the land of flavours, where quality is a measure of our standards. Quality in these times is the only thing that cannot be challenged. It is proved by the awards which restaurant awarded. Restaurant allows guests to know what the best our region has to offer - these are the dishes of Polish and regional cuisine but the restaurant also organizes evening meetings with world cuisine. Catering, which is offered by the restaurant fulfil the highest standards of culinary art and professional service of dinners, banquets, wedding or business meetings. We are able to accommodate 40 guests, but we also have bigger hall for 100 people. Welcome to the land of taste!


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