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Grønlandsvej 4, Hølkerup


Dalsbakkegaard looks like a traditional Danish four-winged farmhouse with an enterprising and active character. The new production- and storage facilities are placed east of the old buildings. The farm are specialised in production of beef from the livestock Angus. The livestock are conducted after principle based on the cattle´s natural life and behavioural pattern. During the summer the cattle graze the coarse grasses and herbs on the salty meadows along Hov Vig, which never are in the need of water. The different grasses and herbs give the meat an exceptional composition and flavour. During the winter the cattle lives in an open cattle yard with plenty of space. The last period of the fattening takes place in a loose housing system, and they are slaughtered by the age of 14 months. When slaughtered, the beef are hanged for maturing, cut up and packed by Nr.Asmindedrup Slaughterhouse. The beef are sold from our own farm shop. Dalsbakkegaard and Nr. Asmindedrup have in collaboration developed several interesting Danish salamis, inspired by innumerable journeys to France.


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