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Browar Stara Komenda

Browar Stara Komenda


Plac Batorego 3


Old Brewery Headquarters is a place that combines the characteristics of a brewery, restaurant and pub. Units of this type was the Western Pomerania tens. Today the old command as the first returns to the style and offers its guests a natural, home-brewed beer. In the building of 150 years, the site of the former military headquarters reconstructed climate of pre-war pubs. Here everyone can witness the production process, which is based on a centuries-old tradition of brewing. Brewing takes place using modern equipment, using only four components: water, malt, hops and yeast. Beer from Brewery Old Command matures a few weeks. At this time, it takes a bouquet of flavors and natural saturated with carbon dioxide. Our beers are unpasteurized and unfiltered, so do not lose their flavor. They contain vitamins B, PP, minerals and trace elements. Beers: Sure - refreshing Pils type beer with a golden color, heavily hopped. Noticeable flowery aroma - spicy. Manufactured from light barley malts and lager yeast. Amber - Lager beer kind of a brown color, caramel flavor note, delicate aroma of hops and a slight roasted malt flavor. Made from three species of barley malt and yeast lager. Wheat - Hefeweizen beer type of light - yellowish color, noticeable banana flavor - clove emerging top-fermenting yeasts through. Made from malted wheat. Special - beer brewed in limited quantities, once a month is a new species brewed beer.


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