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Bäckerei Konditorei Walter

Bäckerei Konditorei Walter


Dudostrasse 69


Since 1855 and now in the sixth generation, our family has been baking bread with love and great pride. We use fresh local ingredients and process them according to traditional recipes. Our breads are baked with sourdough and our legendary cream cake is very popular among our customers from far and near. Our sourdough cultures are many years old and have been passed on from generation to generation. The proven recipe gives the rye bread juicy freshness, a very good shelf life. It adds a wonderfully powerful taste and bewares the bread from getting dry - even after three days... As a specialty, we offer our fresh pasta dough: We provide the basis for homemade pasta dishes, like tasty lasagna! Homemade from self whipped eggs, wheat soft haze (somewhat coarser than flour), some salt and a little water. This of course includes a lot of experience and craftsmanship. The finished dough can be bought from 250 g on roles. Welcome, Your Family Walter


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