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Överstekvarn Chili

Överstekvarn Chili


Överstekvarn, Lummelunda Lummelundsbruk 102


Genuine Gotland heat! Chili Gotland is a small family business specializing in chilli and chilli products. We have two major interests, namely everything that has to do with chili and small-scale food production. This combination forms the basis for our business concept to create an exciting selection of fresh and dried chili along with sauces, seasonings, chutneys and other products containing chilli and what we can produce in a small scale with local ingredients. We grow all the chili on our farm in Lummelunda on Gotland, where we also have a small farm shop which is almost always open. We show love to our visitors around in our greenhouses and talk about plantations. Thanks to the many hours of sunshine our beloved island enjoys, we can cultivate a large number of different chili varieties of which we then make lovely chilli sauces, chutneys,etc. We strive to develop interesting new products. Our farm shop is situated 12 km north of Visby along route 149, opposite the descent to Lummelunda Cave If you are unable to visit us, you are welcome to instead look into our online shop.


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